Sunday, March 23, 2008

How can I contribute to the morality of one society?

donate a carTalking about morality, parents are the most responsible institution and contribute the most, and society is next. For orphans, there are left with no much choice but to let the society to take a good care of it. Nowadays, we face people doing drugs dealing, abortion, and many crimes we can list here, one do it for living, but others are living in a neighborhood urge them to do so, they do not have any other place to turn to. What ever the reason, we need to find a way to bring them back to the right path. For those who’s behind the bars, there are still way to reach them to, to bring them back so they can earn a normal living, like you and me! There is one place can help you to reach them.

Car Angel Ministries
, when you visit this site you will see their motto Help Us Help Others! Another eye catching line is Donate your car for charity, it is obvious that Car Angel Ministries is dealing with vehicles in order to raise their fund, so how its work? You donate a car, or any other vehicles, or donate a boat as many have done nowadays, boat donations seem to be the quite popular, as they have its own section on the first page. What next? Car Angel Ministries places them on eBay store for auction; the fund raised will be used to execute their program. So get any boat to donate? Of course any other vehicles are welcome too.

The program; there are many program offered by Car Angel Ministries to help others. One of Car Angel Ministries programs is the Car Angel’s literacy program. Motivational books sent free to inmates and prison libraries; this action has impacted the lives of many inmates. This organization believes that it takes more than punishment to change a heart; it takes a message of hope and transformation, and this is what they are exactly spreading! This organization creates children animation, and anti-drugs documentaries, find out more by visiting Car Angel Ministries’ site.

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