Friday, February 29, 2008

Lifelock - Guarantee Your Good Name

Identity theft is generally use as a term for crimes involving illegal usage of another individual's identity. Credit card fraud is the most common form of identity theft. Identity theft may be used to other purposes such as facilitate crimes including terrorism, illegal immigration, and many more. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America, victimizing over 10 million people a year and costing billions of dollars. You may already be a victim, many times over, and not even know it. But not with LifeLock.

One of the testimony provided by this site as I quote here “I'm a former chief of police of a major city. I knew identity theft was a $50 billion a year business, and a prime focus of organized crime. But they got me anyway. Even though I was a senior law enforcement official, it took weeks to clear my name. I decided: never again.
Now is the time to response, to protect yourself, to protect your identity. Just visit This is the industry leader in proactive identity theft protection. Their service is different from the others, as this company is willing to back up their claims with a $1,000,000 guarantee. Just click this site and find more why you have to choose Lifelock among other similar products.

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